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The Constitution

The U.S. Constitution LIMITS the power and reach of the Federal Government. It is critical that We the People know the LIMITS. I promise to defend and abide by all LIMITS as stated in the Constitution.

As We the People regularly read and better understand the Constitution, we will in turn hold our elected officials accountable to support and defend the Constitution.

Budget and Fiscal Responsibility

We all know what happens when an individual, a household, a family or a business operates outside the limits of a responsible and realistic budget. We must demand the same of our Federal Government. They have a duty to balance and adhere to a budget.

Low Taxes

Individuals, households, families, and businesses know best how to spend their money. We need to end the Federal Government’s unlimited discretionary use of our earnings. Government should take only what is necessary to fulfill their LIMITED responsibilities.

Lower taxes help everyone, including the Federal Government. This has been proven on numerous occasions under multiple administrations. Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and other administrations have applied these principles. Why do we have to relearn this lesson? When business is taxed less, they have money for hiring more people, for research and development, which requires more hirings. The R & D then leads to new product lines which require more people. More people paying taxes lead to more tax revenues and funds available to meet our obligations to stay within our budget and reduce our debt.

Lower our taxes and get out of the way. We the People will do the rest.


I love bringing the right people together for a common cause. This is probably my best skill.
As a Business Development Manager for a technology firm in the Treasure Valley I bring together our engineers, scientists, and PhDs with those of my customers to solve problems and develop new and amazing technologies.

2nd Amendment

I whole-heartedly support the 2nd Amendment. We the People must be vigilant. There will always be those who relentlessly attempt and even conspire to rob us of this critical right. I salute the efforts made by the NRA and other organizations to educate and defend this important right.


My wife and I were both raised by wonderful parents. We have tried to do the same. We have been married 40 years, have 9 children and 11 grandchildren. Family means the world to me. I also know that not everyone lives in what might be termed a traditional family. It is important to be sensitive to these differences. I am convinced there is always some common ground to be shared. We can always be polite, kind, and respectful. We are all part of this wonderful American family.


I PROMISE to do the following:

• I promise to defend the Constitution, first and foremost.
• I will never dishonor your trust, nor the state of Idaho, nor the United States.
• I will be informed and keep you informed.
• I will work hard, be prepared, be where I am supposed to be, and be there on time.
• I will work with a sense of urgency, and never get comfortable in this office.
• I will not over-promise and under-deliver; if something cannot be done, I will tell you.
• I will be relentless in my efforts to serve and honor the promises made.


Good, affordable healthcare is critical to most Americans, but one size does not fit all. Healthcare needs and coverage vary by individual, region, and circumstances. Government efforts to intervene with healthcare started many years ago. They have never gotten it right and are ill-equipped to handle the task. For decades they have been unable to meet the healthcare needs of the most deserving, our injured servicemen. How could they possibly handle the needs of the nation? Healthcare is best addressed at a local level.


The States are responsible for their educational systems. It is not a job for the Federal Government. The Dept of Education was formally established in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter. With a budget of over $68B a year and employing almost 4,000 people, what benefits have we seen in the last 40 years?


At present we are short on workers. Thinking outside the box, could the Feds cut their budgets and let able and capable workers return to the private sector where they are needed? Just an idea I heard from a small business owner in Caldwell.

For generations the private sector has built this country creating job and opportunities. Lower taxes result in more jobs as employers invest in new hires, new equipment, new products, R&D, more hires. Those new hires pay taxes, increase tax revenues, and allow the Federal Government to meet their limited responsibilities. Lower the tax burden on individuals and businesses and the private sector will create the jobs.

Family Man

Family Man Ramont Turnbull

“I love America. I love what it stands for – the freedoms, the opportunities. We the People, now more than ever, must demand our elected officials work within the limits set forth in the Constitution. I promise, if elected, I will serve you with honor, integrity, and urgency. There is much to do. We the People can do it”

We The People
Low Taxes
Small Business
Integrity, Hardworking, Relentless

R.T 2022

Ramont Turnbull

Ramont Turnbull, your next US Senator

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