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Meet Ramont Turnbull, US Senate

Republican Candidate 2022
“I love America. I love what it stands for – the freedoms, the opportunities. We the People, now more than ever, must demand our elected officials work within the limits set forth in the Constitution. I promise, if elected, I will serve you with honor, integrity, and urgency. There is much to do. We the People can do it”

R.T 2022

Ramont Turnbull

Meet Ramont Turnbull

Ramont Turnbull is a man who loves God, his Family, and his Country. From a young age his parents taught him principles of work, sacrifice, and service. They taught him a deep love for America and for the good things in life. These principles are the essence of who Ramont is, how he has led his life, and how he has raised his family.

Presently, Ramont resides in Meridian, Idaho with his Wife, and family, he is a Business Development Manager at a high-tech, fiber optic assembly company in the Treasure Valley. His hobbies include baseball, classic rock musics, and spending time with his grandchildren.


As an active member of his church, Ramont’s conservative values have been largely shaped by his faith in God and a deep desire to lead a life of devotion and service. He has dedicated much of his life to serving his church and his community, including a two-year mission to Bogotá, Colombia.


The family is the most basic and most important building block of American society, and Ramont is a family man through and through. Ramont married his sweetheart, in June 1981 (41 years this June). Together they have 9 children and 11 grandchildren, many who have also made Idaho their home


Both raised in poverty, Ramont’s parents were the epitome of living out the American Dream and instilled in him an undying appreciation for the freedoms and opportunities that our beautiful country provides each and every one of us. It is this deep patriotism and desire to protect and preserve the Constitution for future generations that has led Ramont to running for office today.

Education & Leadership

Ramont graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT with his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. Throughout his career, Ramont has held various positions of leadership. His philosophy on leadership is “Bring together the right people to accomplish great things.”

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